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We see a future where all stakeholders in a mining operation will be able to see the exact status of all earthworks at all times from anywhere.  This capability will ensure mines are safe, productive and meets community expectations.  This is an important step towards the ultimate goal in mining the zero entry mines.

The GlassTerra Team

GlassTerra’s management team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the global mining industry. They understand true innovation is the key to tackling the impending big data challenges facing global mining companies. Their first-hand knowledge of the inefficiencies confronting geospatial data teams in resources companies led them to start GlassTerra.


Christian Larsen – Co-Founder & CEO: With over 25 years experience in the mining technology industry, Christian has a deep-level understanding of the technical operations of global resources companies. His excellent connections means he is very well known across both the mining and technology industries.


Saxon Druce – Co-Founder & CTO: Saxon has been developing software for 20 years, creating business software for some of the world’s biggest companies, and consumer software enjoyed by millions of people. With over 15 years of experience building software for the mining industry, Saxon’s software engineering skills across a broad range of technologies makes him the perfect head of GlassTerra’s technology team.


Cain O’Sullivan – Principal Architect: Cain has been designing and developing software for 20 years.  Cain is our edge compute, IoT, and cybersecurity expert. He has over 15 years experience building software for the mining industry.