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Announcing 3 new Expert Apps

GlassTerra enters into an exciting new year and we are starting to streamline our services with the release of 3 new Expert Apps.

GlassTerra Expert Apps

The three Expert Apps are:

  • GlassShowcase – Show the world your geological models; Governments, mine asset owners and consultants can share their models with online visitors.
  • GlassData – Secure sharing & collaboration for mining professionals working with geospatial data.
  • GlassPlugin – Add GlassTerra’s 3D geospatial data viewing functionality into your own software or web application.

The first part of our last year was about perfecting our basic tech. We wanted to present large amounts of geospatial information in full 3D via the web. Because we knew that a lot of our potential audiences were often in locations with limited bandwidth, so we wanted the tech to work over 3G connections. This way our technology is covered off on mobile devices without killing our customers’ data plan.  By May 2015, we finally got a combination that works.

We then spent the rest of last year getting product market fit; acquiring early adopters and raising funding. In the end, we successfully completed our first few projects, won a government grant and raised some money from investors.

We entered 2016 configuring ourselves to focus on the initial propositions that our customers found valuable. Hence the 3 apps we are launching.

Next on our agenda from now is extending our scope by judiciously adding new apps. But we are most thrilled by the fact that we have started to work on tech that will allow us to host and visualise petabyte scale data sets.  More on this will come another time when we reveal some results from our labs.

For now, please explore our revised capability and have a look at some of the organisations that are already using GlassTerra.

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