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Viewing GOCAD files with GlassTerra

We’ve just released an update to GlassTerra which allows anyone to upload, view and share data files created with the GOCAD modelling software.

This is an example of some faults and geological surfaces loaded from .ts (triangulated surface or mesh) files:

GOCAD .ts file example

We also support .vo (voxet or block model) data:

GOCAD .vo (voxet or block model) file example

When combined with our cutting plane tool, it is possible to look inside a cross section of the voxet model as well:

GOCAD .vo (voxet or block model) example file with cross section

The following is a .vs (vertex set or point cloud) dataset of earthquake locations around Indonesia coloured by depth, along with a .pl (line or polyline) dataset of nearby coastlines:

GOCAD .vs (vertex set or point cloud) and .pl (line or polyline) example files

The .sg (stratigraphic grid) format is similar to a voxet or block model, but allows for irregular cells to follow the shape of the stratigraphy:

GOCAD .sg (stratigraphic grid) example file

The .wl (well) format can be used to record drillhole paths:

GOCAD .wl (well) example file

We’ve also added support for .grs (gridded surface) files which contain 2D or 2.5D gridded data, as well as .gp (group) files which are used to group together multiple datasets of the other GOCAD formats.

Thanks to the Geological Surveys of Queensland and Victoria for the datasets used in the above screenshots.

Do you use GOCAD for your modelling? If so we invite you to go to our upload page, sign up for a free account and give GlassTerra a try. Your data is completely private until you choose to share it.

Our research has discovered that there are over 100 different geospatial file formats used within the mining industry. Our goal is to support all of them, to make it easy for you to share any geological model or mine plan with anyone, no matter what modelling platform you use. Our web-based viewer allows you to view your data right in your browser, without any extra software. Let us know which data formats you’d like us to work on next!


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